Fullerton on Restoring Responsible Fiscal Stewardship

Fullerton on Improving Our Community’s Quality of Life
May 31, 2018
Fullerton on Supporting Local High Tech
June 1, 2018

Merrilee Fullerton, your PC candidate in the riding of Kanata-Carleton: “There is only one taxpayer. In this election there is a choice between the Liberal’s and NDP’s approach of raising taxes and finding new things to tax or the approach of PCs that will restore fiscal sanity and responsible spending with provincial budgets.”

“The Liberals and NDP would continue to dig us deeper in the hole and we simply cannot afford another four years of out-of-control spending. I can’t help but think of the $ 1 billion dollars per month Ontario government pays to service its debt. With our $ 1 billion dollars debt payments we could be providing more for residents of Ontario. But 15 years of deficit spending is handcuffing our abilities to provide services and maintain infrastructure.”

“We cannot afford endless deficit budgets without serious repercussions.”



Fullerton: Wynne and Liberals are irresponsible with your money  

Fullerton: “Province’s books are a mess. Ontarians deserve a proper accounting.”

Ontario Auditor General sounds alarm on Wynne’s financial books 


Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is the Ontario PC candidate in the new riding of Kanata-Carleton. One of her priority concerns for residents of Kanata-Carleton is Restoring Responsible Budgets at Queen’s Park.


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