PCs responsible fiscal stewardship will deliver relief for Ontarians

PC policies to bring relief to farm and rural communities
May 23, 2018
Fullerton: PC Govt will put Ontario back on track
May 28, 2018

May 26, 2018 – More than 250 people attended the Kanata-Carleton All Candidates Meeting in Kanata on Thursday night to hear the candidates talk of their Parties’ different approaches to addressing the multiple problems facing the City of Ottawa after 15 years of Liberal Government.

Ontario PC candidate Dr. Merrilee Fullerton called this election “critical.” She observed that there is an urgent need to restore good fiscal stewardship in order to support Ontario’s programs and services. “There is only one taxpayer. In this election there is a choice between the Liberal’s and NDP’s approach of raising taxes and finding new things to tax or the approach of PCs that will restore fiscal sanity and responsible spending with provincial budgets.”

“The Liberals and NDP would continue to dig us deeper in the hole and we simply cannot afford another four years of out-of-control spending. I can’t help but think of the $ 1 billion dollars per month Ontario government pays to service its debt. With our $ 1 billion dollars debt payments we could be providing more for residents of Ontario. But 15 years of deficit spending is handcuffing our abilities to provide services and maintain infrastructure.

Fullerton added, “We cannot afford endless deficit budgets without serious repercussions.”

A PC Government would provide responsible fiscal stewardship and Fullerton says this will allow the PCs to deliver some relief to Ontarians.

  • Cut taxes for gas prices at the pump by 10 cents/litre
  • Scrap the carbon tax and current cap-and-trade scheme
  • Deliver a targeted tax cut for middle class earners
  • Provide dental care for low-income seniors
  • Provide child care relief for children 0-15 years of age

On the campaign trail, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford has contrasted the Ontario PC plan with the high-tax, high-hydro rate, high-gas price agenda of the NDP. “For 15 years, the Liberals have been partying with the taxpayers’ money and the NDP want to keep the party going, just with a different tune,” said Ford. “An NDP Government is just like a Kathleen Wynne Government. The only change, is that a different group of insiders and special interests get rich. But today I’m putting the special interests on notice — under an Ontario PC Government — the party with the taxpayers’ dollars is over.”

Ontario PCs cut to gas prices will save the average driver $222 per year; the reduction of 12 per cent to hydro bills will save the average household $173 per year; introducing a refundable child care tax credit will save parents up to $6,750 per child; a minimum wage tax credit will save low income workers as much as $850 per year; and, a 20 per cent tax cut for middle-income earners will save up to $786 per year.


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