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Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
Addressing Our Health Care Priorities
May 18, 2018
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May 23, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

“Our Province needs a system that provides more care for more people, not rationed care across the population”

October 15, 2016 [REPOST*]
– Dr. Merrilee Fullerton simply does not believe that the Ontario Liberal Government’s health care reforms will improve access to care, but she remains optimistic that the public system can be strengthened to meet the needs of Ontarians now and into the future. The failings of our Province’s health care is one of the top issues Ottawa residents raise with Dr. Fullerton as she meets them during her bid to become the Progressive Conservative candidate in the new provincial riding of Kanata-Carleton.

“Ontario’s health care system faces major challenges to its sustainability because of rising costs, evolving pharmaceutical advances, new treatments and technologies, and aging demographics,” she observes, “With the mismanagement of Kathleen Wynne’s Government and Health Minister Eric Hoskins, our situation is much worse.”

Dr. Fullerton is highly critical of the current government’s stewardship of health care. She cites a litany of mismanagement: the Wynne Government’s scandalous practices and boondoggles like eHealth and ORNGE; its ever-growing LHIN bureaucracy that expands at the expense of front line services – clearly choosing administration ahead of patients’ needs; and the government’s debt payments of $1 billion every month – money which could be used to directly fund hospitals, home care, medical treatments and drugs.

Dr. Fullerton adds, “On top of the Wynne Government’s horrendous health care record, we have an underperforming system. Many Ontarians are being denied access to health services and treatments. This is not right when in Ontario we have unemployed medical specialists and when hospital beds, ORs, and equipment sit empty and idle while patients wait, and wait.”

Yet, Dr. Fullerton remains optimistic about the future of heath care in our Province. “I believe we can correct the course we are on. There are ways to create a system that can meet the evolving needs of patients. I hope to be in a position to help with solutions that will strengthen our public health care system.”

Drawing on her professional experience in a career spanning more than 30 years, the family physician sees promise with new direction. “By taking the best experiences from around the world, there are opportunities to expand Ontario’s health care services, include better personalized care, and utilize the latest in medical advancements. The government must be more receptive to new ideas and be forward thinking in introducing into our public health care network concepts from better performing systems.”

“Our Province needs a health care system that provides more care for more people, not rationed care across the population,” states Merrilee Fullerton.

In addressing the current situation, the doctor and potential PC candidate identifies five points that would serve as her principles to tackle the serious systemic health care challenges.

  1. Ontario’s health care system must be focused on patient’s needs — in reality, not just in theory.
  2. Ontario needs more front-line care, not more bureaucracy! Wherever possible cut bureaucracy and support front-line personnel.
  3. Ontario must establish ways to provide more accessible care, not more rationed care. Stop creating obstruction to care and over-regulation. Instead, create a climate for innovation.
  4. Ontario must work towards sustainable long term care. Settling for short term optics to handle our seniors’ health can no longer be an option.
  5. Physicians and medical staff must be allowed to do their jobs! They need to focus on efficient health care delivery, not being forced to divert their energy to more and more administration.

“I want to be in a position to contribute to the solutions for health care in Ontario, to make the public system stronger and more responsive to the increasing demands placed upon it with our aging population,” says Dr. Merrilee Fullerton. “As the PC candidate in Kanata-Carleton I would look forward to providing residents of this riding with an alternative to Kathleen Wynne and her government in the next provincial election.”


* This article first appeared when Merrilee Fullerton was running for the nomination of the PC Party in Kanata-Carleton. Since she won the PC nomination, she has posted numerous articles on her health care priorities. 

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