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Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
More come forward to voice support for Fullerton
April 18, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
Sure Sign of Spring
April 21, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

April 20, 2018 – Each and every day Merrilee Fullerton is out in a Kanata or West Carleton neighbourhood going door to door speaking with residents in advance of the June 7 provincial election vote. The PC candidate is getting a great reception throughout the riding; however, there has been some specific reoccurring topics of conversation.

Merrilee Fullerton explains there is a general mood of dissatisfaction with the Wynne Liberal Government and an overwhelming sense that things must change.  She has identified five areas of concern that are continuously being raised.


Small business owners are frustrated

“Business owners are exasperated and discouraged. Most are concerned about the viability of their businesses due to Liberal policies of increasing costs and regulation. Many small business owners do not feel respected. They feel they are being treated unfairly and that the Wynne government does not understand the challenges of starting, operating or staying in business. I have been told countlessly that “the election can’t come soon enough!” or “we’ve got to get rid of Wynne.””


Lack of Long Term Care Facilities and Health Services

“Our health care system is an issue at many doors and the stories are poignant. Children of aging parents share their stories of struggling to care for their loved one with inadequate supports at home and the challenges finding care in the community. They mention the high costs associated with dementia care. One woman who works full time and has a son in university told me that her family is paying almost $8,000 a month for dementia care – and she does not know if they can continue to afford this.”


Families and single parents with young children 

“Parents are feeling the pressures of rising costs of “everything” ie hydro, taxes, gas, fees.  They tell me they are worse off than they were even a few years ago and many are worrying about rising costs in general.  Many parents have told me that they don’t believe Kathleen Wynne’s promises to improve their lives.  A statement I hear often: “Liberals have got to go!””


What about our children and grandchildren?

“Grandparents and Parents tell me that they are worried about their children’s and grandchildren’s futures. They are concerned that the Wynne government is racking up debt and damaging the future for the next generations. There is a realization that we cannot afford the size and expense of our government, nor the endless promises being made today by the Liberals. As one parent told me, “Our children and grandchildren are going to pay for the mistakes being made today.””



“I’m hearing directly from nurses, doctors, and support workers that they are struggling to keep up. They tell me they see the capacity issues in hospitals and the difficulty of patients accessing care.  Some describe being run off their feet. They are frustrated. Some are angry at the government for lying about “caring” when they believe this government doesn’t care and is just making promises it can’t keep just to win the election. One hospital worker stated: “Promises, promises! What good are they?””


Not all door step conversations are serious. Merrilee Fullerton states she is enjoying going door to door and some nights there are “wonderful encounters.” She tells the story,

“Canvassing last week just after dinner time, I had a dad answer the door. There were little kids in pajamas peeking around the door. I said, “It looks like you have your hands full and I won’t keep you” and gave him my door hanger and I moved on down the street. Then we see a lady waving at us and almost running to catch up with us from that house calling out “We’ll take a sign…We want a sign!” She was the wife or mother and an exasperated family physician that provides dementia care locally. She also said something like “We’ve got to move on from Wynne and the Liberals!”


At the doors…

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election  Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election  Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election  Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election


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