Fullerton meets West Ottawa Board of Trade on local economy

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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March 1, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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March 11, 2018

March 6, 2018 – Kanata-Carleton PC candidate Dr. Merrilee Fullerton recently received a briefing from the West Ottawa Board of Trade on local economic issues and the current business climate in Ontario. The Board stated the confidence of local businesses in their economic future is low, as it is for small and medium business owners right across the Province. This information while not surprising, is of concern to Dr. Fullerton.

“Our local Board of Trade presented a list of issues that are undercutting business confidence in our Province,” says Merrilee Fullerton. “There are too many pressures that have piled on many small business owners, like hydro, increased taxes, sudden minimum wage increases, red tape and regulations, and costs of increasing CPP and EI benefits. These have all resulted in a discernable drop in business confidence here in Ottawa and across Ontario.”

“Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of our local economy in Kanata and West Carleton, and I am concerned that confidence is declining with worries over how to stay competitive and how to attract talent.” Dr. Fullerton adds, “These are specific areas where I will work closely with our local business community to support them wherever possible.”

Mischa Kaplan, President of the West Ottawa Board of Trade and Sueling Ching, the Executive Director of the Board, briefed Dr. Fullerton on the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Ontario Economic Report. The report’s summary states: “Ontario businesses are losing confidence in the economy” and it cites the following facts:

  • Only 23% of businesses are confident in the economy
  • One in four Ontario small businesses project declining revenue in 2018
  • Total of 77% of businesses say talent access is the biggest impact issue
  • Ontario’s low unemployment rate is misleading as non-participation in the labour force is at a recent high at 35%

Read the report: 2018 Ontario Economic Report.

Dr. Fullerton said, “The local Board members and I spoke candidly about our shared concerns regarding the high levels of provincial debt under the current Liberals – uncontrolled spending has grown the debt dramatically in non-recessionary times.”

“The Provincial Government does not have a revenue problem; rather it is Premier Wynne and her wasteful spending that is the problem. Under Premiers Wynne and McGuinty, our provincial debt load has become seriously debilitating. Today, we pay more than $1 Billion dollars in debt payments every month. That’s $1 Billion dollars every month which does not go to services that could make a difference in the lives of Ontarians such as access to health care, improved mental health services or education.”

“A PC Government will focus its efforts on reducing wasteful spending and controlling our debt load. It will be a daunting task, but it must be tackled.” she added.

The Members of the Board and Dr. Fullerton also took the opportunity to discuss a range of local issues, from the 22,000 (and growing numbers) employed in the Kanata North Research Park, to the international focus on Kanata’s emerging autonomous vehicle technologies; from the importance of improved public transit to this growing community, to the on-going traffic difficulties along March Road at peak times.

“I very much appreciated this open dialogue with the West Ottawa Board of Trade, and welcome every opportunity to work beside the Members and others in the local business community. Creating a better business climate for those working and choosing to operate a business in Kanata-Carleton is and will be a major priority for me,” says Merrilee Fullerton.


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