“Wynne Government is off-track with the Province’s health care”: Dr. Fullerton

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
Dr. Fullerton will better promote Kanata North and high tech industry
December 1, 2016
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
From the Desk of Dr. Merrilee Fullerton – December 16, 2016
December 16, 2016

December 9, 2016 – This week the Wynne Government rammed through its Bill 41 which undermines the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, who has been working actively with her colleagues in the health care community to prevent this negative legislation, expressed frustration and concern with the new law.

“Despite overwhelming opposition by Ontario’s medical community, the government has continually ignored the many red flags raised by this bill,” Dr. Fullerton says. “There are great concerns over the loss of patient privacy, and the bureaucrats’ access to and use of patient medical records. But instead of understanding and supporting these concerns, this Minister of Health rejects them out of hand, while increasing the size and reach of the middle management in Ontario’s health system.”

“This government is not only insensitive to the sanctity of doctor-patient confidentiality, it is deaf to the many physicians and medical professionals who voiced their concerns over the increasing reach of the Health Ministry’s bureaucracy.” Dr. Fullerton says, “These measures are underhanded. These measures empower the Minister and his bureaucrats to begin rationing Ontarians’ access to care and to treatments.”

Dr. Fullerton is seeking the nomination of the Ontario PC Party in the new riding of Kanata-Carleton. She continues to be an outspoken critic of the government’s health legislation: Bill 41 does nothing for patients care: Dr. Fullerton
“Kathleen Wynne and Health Minister Eric Hoskin have proven themselves to be incapable of dealing honestly and openly with doctors and medical professionals, and they are less than honest with Ontarians about their designs for our health care system,” states Dr. Fullerton.

“The Wynne Government is off-track with the Province’s health care and Ontarians will continue to pay the price for the Liberals’ mismanagement and waste.”

Merrilee Fullerton is a known Ottawa health care advocate. Having graduated from University of Ottawa Medical School, she practiced locally, first serving out of the Carleton Place Hospital and then as a family physician at Med-Team Clinic in Kanata. Dr. Fullerton has been very active in professional medical associations and local health care organizations, including advisory roles with both the Ontario Medical Association and Canadian Medical Association, and membership in the City of Ottawa Board of Health and the local LHIN serving Ottawa and area.

Dr. Fullerton has many in the local medical community supporting her bid to be a PC candidate in the next provincial election. Here are a few of the testimonials from local professionals.

Dr. Barry Dworkin
When we worked together in the Coalition of Family Physicians and in OMA public presentations, what struck me most was Merrilee’s talent to present her opinions in a cogent, intelligent, rational, passionate and respectful manner, many times bringing people together who had disparate opinions. This is an essential quality for a community leader and, indeed, Merrilee is a person who will provide a great service for her constituents.

Dr. Michael Eden-Walker
I have known Dr. Merrilee Fullerton as a physician and colleague, working as a steadfast member of our medical team since 1988. She has consistently demonstrated a caring and professional attitude towards patients, staff and colleagues. Merrilee is a clear-eyed advocate when it comes to change in the health care system of Ontario. The McGuinty and Wynne governments have been meddling in primary care for years, failing to deliver their promise to improve the quality of patient care. I believe Dr. Fullerton and the P.C. Party deserve the chance to make a real difference in the coming election.

Janet Oczon-Sibayan
I worked with Dr. Merrilee Fullerton for 18 years at the Med-Team Clinic. As a medical practitioner, she firmly believes that everyone must be provided with good health care. As a colleague, she is very personable and gets along with everyone. In fact, she is the patients’ favorite because she takes the time to listen to their health concerns and doesn’t rush them when being examined. We need a good health care system in Ontario and Dr. Fullerton’s expertise, experience and genuine concern for people will bring a new level of discussion and honesty to the challenges we face in this Province. I highly recommend Merrilee as the Progressive Conservative candidate in Kanata-Carleton.

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