Dr. Fullerton will better promote Kanata North and high tech industry

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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November 29, 2016
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Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

December 1, 2016 – Calling it an important asset that deserves greater attention, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton promises as the Kanata-Carleton MPP to better promote Kanata North and Ottawa’s high tech community both locally and abroad.

“There is much more our provincial elected representatives can do to promote our local high tech scene,” states Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, currently running for the Ontario P.C. nomination in the new riding of Kanata-Carleton. “The Wynne Government has done little to support the development of high tech and, judging by the results, our local Liberal MPPs have been outshone by their colleagues representing ridings in Mississauga and Waterloo. “

“Our community hosts a remarkable technology park with hundreds of companies, skilled and highly educated employees, and billions of dollars of economic activity that directly contributes to the Province’s and Canada’s trade opportunities.”

“I will be outspoken in support of Kanata North and Ottawa’s hi tech industry at Queen’s Park,” adds Dr. Fullerton. “We have an important business asset here that enriches our community, providing attractive jobs which sustain many, many families who chose to live in Kanata-Carleton.”

Merrilee Fullerton cites three areas of activity she intends to focus on to enhance the local high technology sector.

  • Grow the sector by supporting the Kanata-North network and its initiatives, and promoting the local business climate to the high tech community abroad; and, by cutting red tape that hinders business development within the sector and with small business.
  • Increase capabilities by supporting efforts to develop greater public WiFi zones as well as greater broadband coverage throughout the western reaches of Ottawa
  • Increase local brain power by championing more sciences, math, data-management and computer technology in our schools; and, by facilitating greater linkages between the local business community and Ottawa’s universities and colleges.

Dr. Fullerton says, “I will be a representative who will listen to and act on high tech business concerns. I will be a positive voice for change where it is needed and will work hard for our community’s high tech interests at Queen’s Park,” and she adds, “That is a promise.”

Dr. Fullerton is a family physician and outspoken health care advocate. Throughout her career, she has promoted innovation in health care. She is a champion of improving individual control over one’s own care through mobile health technologies, telemedicine, and in biomedical research.

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