Here’s what your friends and neighbours are saying about Dr. Merrilee Fullerton

Allan Hubley, Kanata South City Councillor

I have great expectations for Merrilee Fullerton. She has all the qualities it takes to be a tremendous representative for Kanata-Carleton. She listens to people and is interested in others’ ideas. Merrilee is great to work with, always positive and constructive in her contributions. I was thrilled to hear she wanted to run in our community because we need more people like Merrilee who reflect the values of our residents, and who share my views on the importance of putting our taxpayers first. I support Merrilee Fullerton in Kanata-Carleton!

Beth Mlacak

It is not often that a person comes along who has just the right mix for an electorate. I can vouch that Merrilee will represent the residents of Kanata-Carleton with diligence, integrity and dignity. She has a positive attitude and a sunny personality. She is a listener, is open to the opinions of others and will work cooperatively in the legislature. I know that my late husband, John Mlacak, former Reeve of March Township, now the city of Kanata, would have been eager to endorse Merrilee. I am proud to offer my full support to Merrilee… Read the full testimonial - click here

Phil Downey

I had the pleasure of being with Merrilee at the Carp Fair where we spoke with many people about their concerns with the Wynne government. Hydro is a big issue, and worries about healthcare another. Merrilee has a solid grasp of these concerns and she will be effective fighting for us at Queen’s Park. Merrilee won’t embarrass us and will work hard throughout the riding of Kanata-Carleton to represent all groups. We can count on her. Read the full testimonial - click here

Rob Nino

As president of the Glen Cairn Community Association, I am very happy to be endorsing Merrilee Fullerton. Growing up in Kanata and raising her family here, Merrilee knows all about our neighbourhoods. As a doctor who practiced in Carleton Place and in Kanata, so she is very aware of people’s concerns. She has always been active in community events and will make a great representative for our families and our businesses.

Lowell Green

Merrilee Fullerton will be a terrific voice of common sense conservatism now when we need it most. She understands what an honest day’s work is and how important every dollar is to our budgets. As a doctor, she is respectful and highly respected in our community. She is a thoughtful, caring person who will bring a new level of discussion and honesty to the challenges we face in Ontario – in health care, energy and with the fiscal nightmare the Liberals have left us. Merrilee is a fresh, young, energetic and very electable candidate.

Jackie Holzman, former Ottawa Mayor

It is terrific that Merrilee Fullerton wants to represent us at Queen's Park. Her community involvement through the years, as a young woman, as a mother, and as a family physician, provides her with a solid understanding of our growing City. I have no doubt that with her insights and thoughtfulness, Merrilee will make a great representative for the best interests of Kanata-Carleton residents. Read the full testimonial - click here

Dr. Roly Armitage

I have been a life-long Liberal. This time I am totally disgusted with Wynne and her party for several reasons. I am impressed with the status and background of Dr. Merrilee Fullerton. My support and vote goes to Merrilee.  She will make a great representative… [See full statement here]

Justina Mccaffrey

I am pleased to provide my support for Dr. Merrilee Fullerton… I am most attracted to her work ethic and her can-do attitude. She is genuine and caring and at the same time she is results-oriented. She’s a perfect spokesperson for the interests of businesses, our families and the community. Merrilee is the type of person I want to voice my concerns…

Sandra Plumley

As a neighbour in Beaverbrook, I watched Merrilee and her siblings grow into intelligent, mature, responsible and caring adults. Merrilee has always exhibited good judgement and has achieved personal success by combining her natural talents with passion and hard work. She will work effectively to resolve major concerns including health care, energy, budget cuts and social programs. She relates to all of us. She listens, she cares and she is committed.

Dr. Barry Dworkin

When we worked together in the Coalition of Family Physicians and in OMA public presentations, what struck me most was Merrilee's talent to present her opinions in a cogent, intelligent, rational, passionate and respectful manner, many times bringing people together who had disparate opinions. This is an essential quality for a community leader and, indeed, Merrilee is a person who will provide a great service for her constituents.

Riven Zhang

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is a phenomenal candidate with the right combination of compassion and intellect. She is the exact kind of person we need as our representative for Kanata-Carleton and our City of Ottawa. She has both experience and the insight of an outstanding community leader. [See full statement here]  

Dr. Beverly Johnson MD CCFP and National President of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada

“I have known Merrilee for over 20 years… Her experience as a Family Doc has given her good listening and communication skills and an important knowledge of the issues impacting our health care system. She is thoughtful and has a positive, solutions-focused approach. Merri can help us do better with primary care – we really need voice’s like Merri’s in Ontario’s Parliament.” – Read the full testimonial – click here

Wally Johnston

Merrilee brings a fresh approach to our local political scene. I have known her since high school and can tell you she is a very caring and empathetic person. She’s fiscally responsible, realistic… not “political”, not a career politician. I am supporting Merrilee because she will be a great representative to speak for our community’s interests. [Read the full testimonial – click here]

Devon Cuddihey

Merrilee Fullerton is a caring, compassionate person. She is a phenomenal listener and a pragmatic thinker, who will do a very good job representing our interests at Queen's Park. As a doctor, Merrilee has already had a long career of helping others. So, she’s more than ready to take the next step to become the voice for Kanata-Carleton concerns and best interests.

Madison McSweeney

With her strong work ethic, extensive background with health policy, and deep roots in the riding, Merrilee Fullerton is the ideal candidate for Kanata-Carleton, and she's going to make a fantastic MPP. I am very pleased to be supporting Dr. Fullerton.

Janet Oczon-Sibayan

I worked with Dr. Merrilee Fullerton for 18 years at the Med-Team Clinic. As a medical practitioner, she firmly believes that everyone must be provided with good health care. As a colleague, she is very personable and gets along with everyone. In fact, she is the patients’ favorite because she takes the time to listen to their health concerns and doesn't rush them when being examined. We need a good health care system in Ontario and Dr. Fullerton’s expertise, experience and genuine concern for people will bring a new level of discussion and honesty to the challenges we face in this Province. I highly recommend Merrilee as the Progressive Conservative candidate in Kanata-Carleton.

Kyle Bedford

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is an excellent candidate as she listens to people and relates to their concerns. Whether it is the challenges of younger people looking for work, or a particular issue with a local community group, she is helpful with her insights and knowledge of our community. I am happy to be helping Dr. Fullerton with this nomination and look forward to campaigning for her in the provincial election against Kathleen Wynne.

Anne Louise and Dave Jensen

She is intelligent, hard-working and articulate, and understands the unique issues in our riding. She will work diligently for all residents and be an energetic, forceful, passionate voice for our community. It’s rare to have such a quality candidate. Read the full testimonial – click here

Senator Marjory LeBreton

“In this up-coming provincial election, it is tremendous to have such a smart, conscientious and hard-working individual as Merrilee Fullerton as your candidate in Kanata-Carleton. She is a quality person who has a great deal to offer. She brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to addressing health issues… Merrilee will be able to draw on her long history of involvement both as family physician and as a mother raising three children in this community…. We need more people like her in public office.” – Read the full testimonial – click here

Colin McSweeney

Merrilee is smart and sensible and can intelligently argue our progressive conservative point of view. She is a star candidate for the Kanata-Carleton PC association, one who can win in this new riding that has seen so many changes in the last few years. Merrilee is a winner. She will be a real asset to the PC Caucus in Toronto and will do an outstanding job raising the issues and concerns of Kanata-Carleton residents.

Claude Bennett, former PC Cabinet Minister and Ottawa MPP

Merrilee is every bit a Progressive Conservative we can all be proud of. She is a fiscal conservative who will provide a compassionate hand up for those who need it. She is a professional, articulate and principled individual. No doubt, Merrilee will represent her constituents and the City of Ottawa well at Queen’s Park. She will make a valuable contribution to the PC Caucus and Ontario’s next government.

Lani and Perry Bortolotti

Merrilee has a can-do attitude that is infectious. As business owners, we appreciate she is a hard working individual who takes the time to understand issues and will listen to all perspectives. As a mother, a physician and someone who gets herself involved in local causes, Merrilee is very knowledgeable about the concerns of our community. She will make a great representative for our issues in Kanata-Carleton. We whole-heartily support Merrilee in this nomination. She’s a winner and we look forward to seeing her as our MPP at Queen’s Park.

Diane Waloff

Merrilee Fullerton is a Super-Star, people-oriented candidate running for the PC nomination in the Kanata-Carleton riding. She is hard working, intelligent, perceptive, diplomatic, caring, honest, trustworthy, friendly, a great listener, and interested in people and their issues. She is an excellent communicator and full of practical, common sense and determination in finding a way forward to get things done. Merrilee is always polite, and a model of good behaviour. With her rich set of skills, “boots on the ground” experience in health care, and a strong lifelong knowledge of our community, I have no doubt that she will win our riding and be an exceptional MPP.

Bill Stewart, President terra20

I would like to recommend Merri as the provincial candidate for the PC Party for Kanata. I have known Merri for several years, she is an honest, hard working and conscientious person. She has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to helping others. She is a role model and someone who can be trusted in making a difference within our community.

Angela Lorusso

In knowing Merri for close to 15 years, she operates with a high level of integrity and dedication in everything she does. She is a person of strong moral character and has shown strong leadership and dedication within our community. She is knowledgeable about issues facing our community today and is committed and passionate about creating positive change. I am proud to say I support Merrilee Fullerton.

Marilyn Jenkins

I met Dr. Merrilee Fullerton in 2016. What immediately impressed me was her passion about improving the health care system, which as a senior citizen, I have very deep concerns about. She is very knowledgeable about the problems and how they can be corrected. I believe she will bring a common sense, conservative approach and a compassionate sense of caring to government. I am proud to say that I am a supporter of Dr. Fullerton.

Mary Ann Lamb

I am very proud to support Dr. Merrilee Fullerton. Merrilee consistently demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, combined with a discerning mind and caring spirit. She is an individual for whom I have the greatest respect… [See full statement here.]

Calvin Singhou Gaa

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is the right candidate for Kanata-Carleton this election. I canvass with her and know Merrilee is patient, friendly, and energetic. She always listens to the people she meets. It is my pleasure to be a member of her campaign and I support Merrilee 200%! Read the full testimonial – click here

Ann McKechnie

I have had the pleasure of knowing Merrilee for 15 years. She always advocates for what is right and I am extremely confident that she will be that positive change that we so desperately need in Ontario. Merrilee's knowledge of health issues will be a huge asset at Queen's Park and I know she will fight to eliminate the wasteful spending that is so rampant with our current provincial government. With her dedication, strong work ethic, and common-sense thinking, Merrilee will be an excellent representative for our interests

Thom Bennett

Merrilee is a star candidate for our Party, a new face to represent our rejuvenated Progressive Conservatives under our new Leader Patrick Brown. Merrilee is approachable, very presentable. She is respected. She is a doctor and health care advocate who knows the problems in our health care system. She has spent her life in the riding and has raised her family there. Merrilee can win the riding of Kanata-Carleton and will be a strong voice to add to our eastern Ontario caucus of MPPs.

Carolyn Gill and Jeff Rolland

We have every confidence, given Merri's passion, commitment and experience, that she will represent her Kanata-Carleton constituents to the fullest extent possible. Let’s all do what we can to ensure she receives the nomination. She is going to make a great MPP and we are proud to support Merrilee!

Shaun McLaughlin, Mayor of Mississippi Mills

“I am mayor of the neighbouring town adjacent to West Carleton and our rural communities and economies overlap. We have many aspirations, challenges and beliefs in common. We struggle with high energy and policing costs, an infrastructure gap that is difficult to bridge, costly regulatory downloading from Queen’s Park and the feeling of being ignored. Merrilee has proven to me she is in tune with our issues and I’d welcome her as our MPP next door.”

Ron Higgins, Mayor of North Frontenac

Although I am not in the Kanata-Carleton riding I was a past resident for many years living in Kanata Lakes and Glen Cairn. Currently I am Mayor in another municipality and as Mayor I am very interested in… having strong Ontario Progressive Conservative (OPC) candidates, going into the 2018 elections… Doctor Merrilee has an obvious strength in understanding the health care issues but she is also in tune with other issues in Ontario such as policing, electricity, education, taxation, red tape and municipal issues.

Barry Turner, former Ottawa MP

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is one of those exceptional individuals who can bring energy and a positive influence to things she gets involved with. She is a quick study and is result-oriented. Her career in medicine speaks to her professionalism and her popularity as a family physician in our community speaks to her caring way. I am pleased to support Merrilee and know she will be a great champion of our interests in Kanata-Carleton at Queen’s Park.