For the Future of Kanata-Carleton

Things must change for Ontarians – for the residents of Kanata and West Carleton. As your PC candidate, here are my priorities in fighting for that necessary change.

“My commitment to you is to work hard for the people of Kanata-Carleton, every day.”

Accessible Universal Health Care

Ontario’s health care is leaving the most vulnerable behind – children with autism, seniors with dementia, etc. I am a medical doctor and I see a lot of possibilities to improve our health care. There is far too much bureaucracy and waste. Things need to change and I am confident they can.

Here are Dr. Fullerton’s perspectives on Ontario’s health care priorities – READ MORE HERE

Fix the Energy Mess

Ontario’s energy strategy has been mismanaged. We have the highest electricity rates in North America. This has shut down manufacturers and businesses across Ontario. The average household has seen their hydro bills skyrocket in the last decade. It has all gone from bad to worse with Kathleen Wynne’s energy programs. READ MORE HERE

Support for High Tech

I will provide greater support for local high technology businesses. I will actively promote the Kanata-North network and its initiatives. I will work towards cutting red tape that hinders business development within the high tech sector and with small business. I also hope to address skills and knowledge gaps between our local educational institutions and high tech businesses. READ MORE HERE.
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Restore Responsible Budgets

Overall, our Province’s finances are a mess after more than 10 years of deficit spending. McGuinty and Wynne have dug us deep into a hole – so much so that we spend $1 billion a month on bank interest fees. That is money that could be spent on better health, education and transportation. Kathleen Wynne’s government has been irresponsible – and we can’t afford anymore of their tax-and-spend approach. READ MORE HERE

Better Quality of Life in Kanata – Carleton

I am a lifelong resident of Kanata. I grew up here, married and raised a family here, had my medical practice here, and am very proud of my community. This is my home and I am concerned for its future – worried for us and for our children. As a mom I ask, “What kind of place will our community be for our children’s families?” I want to answer that question with a positive statement. READ MORE HERE

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