Fullerton will work to improve quality of life in community

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
Ontario Auditor General sounds alarm on Wynne’s financial books
April 25, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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May 4, 2018
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

May 3, 2018 – Merrilee Fullerton is ready and willing to work with everybody who is looking to solutions that will make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family. The Ontario PC candidate in the provincial election states that her concern for the quality of life of current and future residents of Kanata-Carleton is a major reason why she is running in this election.

“I am a lifelong resident of Kanata. I grew up here, married and raised a family here, had my medical practice here, and am very proud of my community.” Fullerton says, “This is my home and I am concerned for its future – worried for us and for our children. As a mom I ask, “What kind of place will our community be for our children’s families?” I want to be able to answer that question with a positive statement.”

“Our quality of life has deteriorated under the Liberal Governments of Wynne and McGuinty. This must change. I want to be that positive voice of change for our community,” says Fullerton.

Fullerton states she will be a strong advocate for Kanata and West Carleton individuals, businesses and community groups. She intends to:

  • Maintain a welcoming “open door policy” to work with and support local associations and groups
  • Address directly the concerns of West Ottawa Board of Trade which is reflecting locally the priorities of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture
  • Work with all local federal and municipal representatives as a non-partisan voice of the people for betterment of Kanata and West Carleton

“My commitment is to work hard for the people of Kanata-Carleton, every day,” Fullerton asserts.

“We are falling behind…”

Merrilee Fullerton talks of individuals falling behind with the McGuinty and Wynne Governments. “Our standard of living has decreased under the Ontario Liberals in the last 15 years. We are working pay cheque to pay cheque, having less disposable income and paying more in taxes. Life has got harder for workers and families. We are falling behind. Today, taxes consume more of the average family’s income than all the basic necessities of life combined. This is the Liberal legacy.”

Fullerton references the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Ontario Economic Report. It documents a comprehensive data analysis of emerging business trends in the province. The findings tell us that under the Wynne Liberals’ watch, businesses are losing confidence in Ontario’s economy. Between skyrocketing hydro rates, exorbitant taxes and fees, strangling red tape, and a growing skills gap, Ontario is no longer the job-creating engine it once was.

The Fraser Institute has also documented this decline with its own report: The Lost Decade – 207-2016.

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is the Ontario PC candidate in the new riding of Kanata-Carleton. One of her priority concerns for residents is to fight to improve quality of life issues in our community.

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