From the Desk of Dr. Merrilee Fullerton – January 27, 2017

Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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January 12, 2017
Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election
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Fullerton for Kanata-Carleton, Kanata, Election

From the desk of Dr. Merrilee Fullerton

January 27, 2017

Hello Friends,

Kathleen Wynne’s New Year’s gift to Ontarians was more taxes in the form of the Liberal carbon taxes called “cap and trade”. This month we continue to hear many troubling accounts of the impact on families and small businesses that are struggling because of hydro bills and increased taxation. There was Libby Keenan’s Facebook plea to the Premier; this article about added tax on propane; and, one of the numerous articles reporting that many small businesses are closing up or moving away.

Things must change for Ontarians. “Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are having a profound impact on Ontario – profoundly negative. But as I mentioned in my New Year’s release, “The silver lining is that there are only 18 months left in her mandate.

You know that I am in a race to win the nomination for our new riding of Kanata-Carleton so that I can be your voice for change. Winning the nomination will allow me to be the candidate for the PC Party and take on Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals.

I want to thank you for all you have done in supporting me through the last few months. As we enter the home stretch before the nomination meeting, I ask you to consider the following:

  • Have your family members (over the age of 14) buy a membership
  • Ask your friends and neighbours who are interested in getting rid of Wynne’s government to buy a membership
  • Contact me with anyone you feel I should talk with who may be interested in a membership

Supporters must have an Ontario PC membership to vote.

We need new leadership and a new direction in our Province. I want to be your positive voice in a new government that will make a difference at Queen’s Park. With your help, together we can ensure the change necessary for our community.

(This is Merrilee’s personal note featured in her January newsletter.)

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